If you are not leading a morally upright life, you cannot expect to sit down on a little pillow and find yourself secluded from sense desires, secluded from unwholesome states of mind. If there is not sufficient morality, there is too much to desire, too much hate or fear, too much to worry about. ~ Leigh Brasington, “A Mind Pure, Concentrated, and Bright”


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  1. Morality – I hardly ever use that word anymore, I think because it can have a judgmental connotation, but the way it is used here seems to be equivalent to the bodhisattva ideal, to act solely for the benefit of others, which is much easier to relate to.

    • Yes, David, I am with you on this. Some people use ‘morality’ as a way to place their misguided values on others. I am sure that has happened to me. Only with the clear eyes of a Bodhisattva can I truly benefit others.

      Thank you David for sharing and hope you are well!

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