Headings 10, 11, and 12…

10. The Greatness of allowing you to Easily Discover the True Thinking of the Victorious One.

Suppose the great classics were an ocean. The thoughts of the Victorious One  – the three fundamentals of the path, for example – would be the jewels within the ocean; the lamrim is like the boat; the guru who teaches the lamrim is like the captain.

Depend on a guru, the skillful captain, get on board the boat, the lamrim, and you will easily find the jewel in the great ocean of the classics: the ultimate thought of the Victor.

11. The Greatness of Allowing you to save yourself from the Worst Misdeed.

You would save yourself from holding some of the Dharma to be good and some bad – the biggest contributing factor to abandoning the Dharma. Also, if you think over the ways to devote yourself properly to your spiritual guide, you will rid yourself of any karmic obscurations you may have in relation to him or her.

12. The Lamrim is Complete Because It Contains All The Subject Matter of Sutra and Tantra.

Thus, the great

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‘It condenses the essence of all scripture.

By teaching and studying this system for a session,

One gains the benefit of discussing and studying all holy Dharma.

Contemplate its meaning, for that is certain to be powerful.’

When you perform even a single sequence of retrospection meditations on the lamrim, you are practicing the meaning of the scriptures and commentaries.