Part One: The Preliminaries (Preparing to read and study lamrim)

Many people might wonder…. ‘Why do we need preliminaries? This is just reading, right?’

My case for preliminaries is this: What we take in to our studies will determine what we get out. Think about this. If we bring a calm and open mind….we will have room for peace and for instruction. When our minds are ‘full’ then what can enter? Full of everyday trivial, full of the busyness of our lives, full of scattered emotions. If the glass is filled with water even one drop will cause it to overflow.

Take time before you read and study to ‘ practice breathing meditation for a few minutes in order to empty your mind of distracting thoughts, and bring your mind to a neutral state.’


Due to all my own merits of the three times

And the merits of all the Buddhas, bodhisattvas and sentient beings,

May the altruistic wish to achieve enlightenment be generated in my mind

And in the mind of all sentient beings without delay for even a second,

And may that which has been generated be increased.

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