A very wonderful offer…

Sofan Chan of ‘The Art of Happiness Gallery’ has offered TBLC use of her paintings (credit will always be given)…and I think this the most wonderful offer! Click on the link above and I think you will agree with me. Thank you Sofan and I apologize for the delay…Summer has been hectic this year. 🙂

Here ‘s her bio from her site:

Sofan Chan – Painter 
I was born and spent my formative years in Hong Kong, a place of great cultural diversity. I studied advanced western painting techniques at the fine art institute of Chicago in the USA, before finally settling with my husband Rochman in Australia.

My paintings have an easily recognisable, unique style filled with filled with vibrant, happy colours and flowing lines. My original oil paintings and limited edition prints are now proudly displayed in a wide variety of collections around the world.

Painting is a form of meditation for me. When I am truly in tune with what I am painting, the inspiration begins to flow, and the paint takes on a life of it’s own and effortlessly appears onto the canvas.”

Later in the coming week…lovely art will accompany some posts. 🙂 ~ Debra

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