From The New York Times…and The Guardian, UK

OPINION ~ The New York Times ~ The Future Doesn’t Hurt. Yet (click to read) By MATTHIEU RICARD

Published: June 23, 2011
A Buddhist monk contemplates how our insouciant ways are threatening the planet.
Himalayan glaciers disappear


Click on the above image to read another article about the disappearing glaciers ( from The Guardian UK)

2 thoughts on “From The New York Times…and The Guardian, UK

  1. Thanks for your comment on SLTW this morning, Debra.

    Part of me wished to be more “spiritual” and accepting of “the issue.”
    But I’m not far enough along the spiritual path. Yet. 😉

    • Nancy,

      You did all you could do. And you did more than most would have done.

      At times all we can do is walk away. And in the end that may be the most compassionate & courageous thing you could have done.

      ‘May all sentient beings have happiness and the causes of happiness. ‘

      hugs…for you:)

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