In the Tonglen… (Sogyal Rinpoche)

Practice of  giving and receiving, we take on, through compassion, all the various mental and physical sufferings of all beings; their fear, frustration, pain, anger, guilt, bitterness, doubt, and rage, and we give them, through love, all our happiness and well-being, peace of mind, healing, and fulfillment.

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Tonglen is a great practice. It does take practice also. 🙂 And not everyone feels comfortable doing this…exchange. If you do not feel comfortable with Tonglen, do not worry. There are many ways to help others and you will find one you do feel comfortable with. ~ Debra

2 thoughts on “In the Tonglen… (Sogyal Rinpoche)

  1. I sometimes end the day
    By lying in bed . . . sending love out into the world.

    But I’d rather GIVE love than RECIEVE pain and frustration from others. 😀

    • yes, I know Nancy…it is a scary thing. For I we can truly understand how much pain others can carry. Because we have touched our own pain…and know that if another person felt the same …then they are indeed suffering.

      I will send out love at bedtime too…but during my daylight hours…I try Tonglen. Notice the word ‘try’. 🙂 I try to let the pain/suffering come to me but not let it ‘settle’ . just like I do not let my own suffering settle.

      thanks Nancy…virtual hugs:)

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