Muddy Waters…

A few nights ago I was speaking with a friend…who looks this way and then that way….for answers…so I thought ‘if she/he would only’….then I caught my thoughts…I was making a judgement on what was best for them spiritually.

No….I cannot do that. And I certainly would not want someone to make a decision for me how I ‘should’ or ‘should not’ believe/feel.

What I did say was …’when you stir water that has a muddy bottom….your view is clouded…when you stop stirring the water becomes more clear and you can see where you want to go.  And I am happy with the path I take’. She then asked….’so these things I am showing/telling you are wrong? ‘ ‘I am not saying they are wrong. What I am saying is…I stopped stirring. ‘

When I said those words (or close to them) I felt at peace with all. No judgement. no pressure. Just being.

Be well and Enjoy,


(as a comment to The Hubris of a Life Lived . )

6 thoughts on “Muddy Waters…

  1. Wonderful, Debra!

    It’s so true, the more we stir the pot, and dredge up stuff from the past, the cloudier our view becomes. 😀

    • ugh… dredges from the past. Who wants that? 🙂 It is enough to deal with this moment.

      Also, for me…letting ‘things’ (read spiritual) settle…instead of running after this or that. Being calm within. Allows ‘me’ to settle.

      Now just to keep that in mind . :):)

    • Oh well it is SO easy to be on the defensive about what ever we think or believe or even feel…and then somehow that allows us to ‘think’ we know how others should think/feel.

      Another thing to ‘let the water settle’ and just allow Life to be. I will keep practicing:)

  2. Wow… after struggling over the post, searching for just the right word, or turn of phrase, you summed up my thought in 21 words:

    “letting others know where we stand and what our preferences are, but having no attachment to what they decide or believe”

    That will be by focus for today! Thank you!

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