It’s Monday….What are you reading?

What are you reading today?

Some you might know me well enough …that I read several books …or a better wording would be…I have several books going on.


I rarely just have one book that I read to exclusion of the others. I will read a little this one and then maybe some of that one…and so it goes.

For the sake of today’s post though….I will only focus on one book that *is* my primary read … No Time to Lose by Pema Chodron. I really enjoy it, her words are simple but profound. I am on Chapter 2. So far…I love it!

So? What are you reading?…and it does not have to be Buddhist reading. 🙂

Namaste…and be well,


4 thoughts on “It’s Monday….What are you reading?

  1. Ugg. I am reading so many things at once I haven’t been able to write about them. Studying Kalachakra books for the enpowerment in July. I’ve read Glenn Mullin’s The Practice of Kalachakra and Alexander Berzin’s Introduction to the Kalachakra Initation. Also a reading Geshe Sonam Rinchen’s 37 Practices of a Bodhisattva and His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s Stages of Meditation as they are going to be the subjects of the teachings during Kalachakra. As if that isn’t enough, I have been reading Baseball in the Garden of Eden which is about the early history of Baseball and I am looking forward next month to George R. R. Martin’s newest book in the “Songs of Fire and Ice” series. Wheww. Never enough time for reading…..

    • Wow Philip! You are a busy reader.

      I am so happy you will be going to the Kalacharka empowerment in Washington, D.C. I wish I could go also. It is not to be, at least this time. 🙂

      I have missed your book reviews and I am so behind on writing them.

      So many books and so little time!

      Since I just finished the Intermediate Series…my focus is on Bodhisattva reading material and reviewing the Buddhist foundation material which never hurts.

      Thanks for the comment and be well….


  2. I just finished a light-hearted novel, Shopaholic and Sister, set in England . . . but starting out on a honeymoon at a Buddhist meditative retreat! 😀

    • Hey Nancy,

      You know, I have seen that book and wondered if it would be a fun read.:) I will suggest it to my daughter…she loves to shop and a light read is always good.

      I bought, from the dollar bin at my library, The Lynn Truss Treasury by Lynn Truss yesterday. Ms Truss wrote Eats, Shoots, and Leaves. It says ‘Comic’ on the cover….hmm…maybe something is telling me to balance my reading with light-hearted words? Hmmm 🙂

      Thanks Nancy:)

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