An excerpt from Start Where You Are by Pema Chodron


Have you ever been caught in the heavy-duty scenario of feeling defeated and hurt, and then somehow, for no particular reason, you just drop it? It just goes, and you wonder why you made “much ado about nothing.” What was that all about?

I’d like to encourage us all to lighten up, to practice with a lot of gentleness. This compassion, this clarity, this openness are like something we have forgotten. Sitting here being gentle with ourselves, we’re rediscovering something. It’s like a mother reuniting with her child; having been lost to each other for a long, long time, they reunite. The way to reunite with bodhichitta (awakened heart) is to lighten up in your practice and in your life.

Start Where You Are By Pema Chodron

2 thoughts on “An excerpt from Start Where You Are by Pema Chodron

    • Yes…she does give one reason to stop and reflect. Thank you Nancy.

      So many times we say….’when the children are grown (insert dream)’…..’once we are retired (insert dream)…’no time to meditate now, later when (insert whatever)’…

      There is only now. Start where you are.

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