Spring is here…

And I have been busy with a project..so slow on posting…also slow on comment replies..since for some reason my internet has been very slow to the point of not working in the past couple of days. Researching that issue.

Be well and Om Mani Padme Hum _/!_

I will be back to my usual soon. 🙂

Praise of Awakening Mind, verse 1 of The Bodhicaryatara, by Santideva

Praise of Awakening Mind, verse 1 (24 seconds long)

I am testing a new type of post (for TBLC): an Audio post. This idea has been tumbling around in my mind for a few weeks.

‘The Bodhicaryavatara’ by Santideva (Shantideva) is a most wonderful jewel. I hope to write a review in the next few weeks, but for now….I can only hope my voice does some justice to this treasure.

Om Mani Padme Hum