We’re in This Together

‘We’re in This Together

People need to see that if you hurt another person, you hurt yourself, and if you hurt yourself, you’re hurting another person. And then to begin to see that we are not in this alone. We are in this together. For me, that’s where the true morality comes from. ~ Pema Chödrön, “No Right, No Wrong”

Learning to care for ourselves and understanding that we are really in this together will help not only us but our world. It is my heart-felt wish that the worlds have peace. And this can only happen when we recognize that we are ALL in this together…Pema does such a great job in this article…please read it ..you will be happy you did!


May all sentient beings have happiness …always. _/!_


3 thoughts on “We’re in This Together

  1. Glad I read this – thanks for posting it! Her words ring so true. I liked “environment was safe, but the teachings were threatening” and her reinforcing what I believe, that “what people are ready for now—is compassion, the importance of our interconnectedness with each other”. _/_

    • Oh you are so welcome. It rung true with me today too.

      And yes I think we are ready for interconnectedness…I think it will take practice though…but then all things do. 🙂 _/!_

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