3 thoughts on “Everything that irritates us …

  1. I agree.

    But I don’t agree when people say that what we dislike about others mirrors what we dislike in ourselves. I dislike animal abusers and child molesters. And I’m certain it’s not because my latent tendencies lie in that direction.

    • When I hear the ‘mirror’ comment or teachings…I take it more into my personal or close surroundings. An example (that is totally made up): Say I had a neighbor who liked to discuss other neighbor’s lives. The light discussion as to them being good people was ok…but after that…he/she would go into great detail about their private lives. Feeling ill at ease I smile and say bye and get back to my work.

      Now as I am working I am wondering why he/she is saying that…and why does it bother me? …how much i dislike he/she for it.

      So instead of throwing the first stone (so to speak ) I look to myself and say…’is there anything that he/she is doing that I dislike about myself?’

      Maybe I talked about things that should not be discussed with others, maybe I am not getting attention and am trying to get it in the wrong ways, maybe i just need to hear my own voice, maybe I need more social interaction, maybe I need to re-access my values, etc.

      Hopefully by this reflection….I can see where I need to release some of my attachments…and maybe….I will have a better understanding of my neighbor…compassion while still holding my values. Not easy.

      I feel children are sacred & are cherished/protected and animals are to be protected not hurt. Anything else (abuse) makes me physically ill to even contemplate.

      So what could child molesters, animal abusers, etc. open my eyes to? I do not know. Nothing as far as I can tell.

      But I do know that I am still learning and growing and maybe I will understand more later.

      • What you’re saying makes absolute sense.

        But someone once said, using the mirror principle, that if I get angry at someone who abuses animals it’s because animal abuse is also a facet of my personality.

        I think they misunderstood the concept the mirroring.

        I know they misunderstood me. 😀

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