5 thoughts on “Holding on to anger

  1. RR….you made a very good point…’learn to forgive’. We all, me included, have to practice forgiving. And the first ‘person’ we need to practice forgiving … is ourselves.

    Ego holds onto (attaches to) Anger.
    If there is no attachment then the Ego is less….Anger separates…Forgiveness unites.

    Anger burns us….Forgiveness heals us.

    Thank you for the thought provoking question:)

  2. I have noticed that a lot of people from my generation (30 somethings) seem to harbor a lot of anger, and hide behind a lot of guilt.

    Is that from our parent’s rendering, something as a fall back from their generation? It seems the more consumerism rises, the more guilt and anger does as well.

    Buying things as an apology, making a food offering for peace.. .these are cyclical traps we put ourselves through. Instead of learning the relief and honesty behind actual forgiveness.

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