3 thoughts on “Health or disease?

  1. Interesting that this would be the quote chosen to post today. In my counseling we discuss accountability, one of them being “I will not get sick or go crazy,” because it’s the belief that when we get sick it’s other causes in our life that allow this to happen.

    My blog today is actually going to be around this very thought. I just have to process and formulate before typing it out.

  2. Very good!

    This quote is one… I try to keep in my mind (thoughts).

    When ‘things’ or ‘people’ or ‘I’ go crazy or get sick…I try to remember….to look in the mirror and see reality.

    Life is a choice and every moment is a decision. Choose well. ~ Talon

    Thank you for your comment and I will go read your post 🙂

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