Everybody Sits

During the 1960’s, many unusual people showed up at the (Zen) monastery gate. Among them was a young electrician from Sweden, whose limited command of English was further hindered by a few beers. He was met at the gate by the director, who asked him what he wanted. “I want to study Buddhism!” the Swede bellowed.

“Have you ever sat?” the director asked, using our shorthand expression for “Have you ever done sitting meditation?”

The Swede didn’t know how to answer this question. It seemed to be a question in plain English, and he understood the words, but somehow the meaning eluded him. Was this some kind of Buddhist trick? Was the director making fun of him? Of course, he had sat. Finally, he decided that if the question were a trick he would not take the bait. He drew himself up to his full height and shouted, “Everyone has sat!”

The Swede entered the retreat center and remained there for several years. He was right, of course. All people have sat. We do it every day. We stand too, and walk, and lie down. ~ Lewis Richmond

Why make meditation into some holy and separate ritual when you can sit, stand, walk, and lie down in awareness?

From 365 Days of Nirvana by Josh Baran

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  1. Awareness can be in the writing, as well as the reading and, I know from personal experience this very moment, that awareness can also be felt in the typing . . .

    michael j

    • I very much agree. May all sentient beings have awareness and the causes of awareness. Thank you Michael J for your comment. 🙂

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